e3 2015

Well e3 is here folks, and it’s time to roll out what’s new and upcoming for this year.

EA games has announced not 1, but 2 games that will be released later this year, and both are based on the galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be getting a new expansion! here’s the trailer:

And, Star Wars: Battlefront will be releasing on 11/17! Trailer below:

Drool time stars… NOW.

Leonard Nimoy Passes

Leonard+Nimoy-722According to reports from the New York Times and confirmed by his wife, Susan Bay Nimoy and his son Adam; Sci-Fi’s most beloved actor has passed away at 83 from End Stage COPD.

Nimoy was not only known for playing the iconic role on Star Trek; but also for his roles in Mission:Impossible, his hosting duties onĀ In Search Of, several plays, poetry, photography, and directorial pursuits (Star Trek 3 and 4, Three Men And A Baby). It was that one role as Spock that catapulted him to pop culture status.

The cast of the original Star Trek series have already started leaving their condolences for Nimoy, with George Takei saying “Today, the world lost a great man, and I lost a great friend. We return you now to the stars, Leonard. You taught us to ‘Live Long And Prosper'; and you indeed did, friend. I shall miss you in so many, many ways.” William Shatner stated, “I loved him like a brother. We will all miss his humor, his talent, and his capacity to love.”

From all of us here on the staff at the website, we wish Mr. Nimoy Godspeed in his next journey; and hope that he had the long, prosperous peaceful life that his persona wished us all.

The Things Christians Go Through

Well it’s pretty much gotten around facebook and my world and gaming community that I got in a car wreck this week. I guess I have to tell the story because, I’m a Christian, that’s what we do. I can’t drive in snow for crap, and I pretty much compensate for that by well, not driving in snow. My sister asked me to go to the store and get some stuff, I rather reluctantly decided to do so. So I go out to the car and it won’t get out of the driveway. I grab my shovel and work with it for about ten minutes, throwing snow. Usually I’m a lazy bum and would have said “Screw this noise, car is stuck…’ but for some reason I was particularly persistent today , and I finally get it up and stuck halfway in the road. In the middle of fiddling with it, some fellow showed up and pitched in to help me get it out, and then after taking a good fall in the snow, eventually two more fellows showed up to help. So three guys and I manage to get the car out of the driveway. I sat there for a second in the car looking at the driveway, thinking. “Just park it, Charlie, it’s not your day.” And then I thought “If you do, you’ll never get it out again. Our house sits on a hill, and on one side there’s a short, steep hill. And the other side there’s a long shallow hill. So I drove down the shallow hill off to get the stuff. The trip was pretty uneventful until I came back home. The route I took takes me up the short steep side. I thought to myself, “I should park on the side of the road and shovel the driveway out so Lisa can get the car out and go to work.” And there was my mistake, I drove down the shallow hill, again. And about halfway down the car started to slide to the right, traction control alarm starts beep-beep-beeping, and I realize that I’m drifting toward the bank of transformers. So I correct to the left, and the car doesn’t respond, I keep sliding, and correct a little more, and then suddenly traction catches, as you probably predicted. The car jerks to the left and I go off the bank and smack into a tree. Adrenaline clouds my memories from there. I remember thinking explicitly, “I’m about to die.” When the car hit the tree, I remember being flung forward, and hitting my head on something, and the steering wheel planting me in the belly. I flailed around and grabbed my chest. For about five seconds my body was numb and throbbing, as if I could virtually feel my soul leaving it. But it didn’t, it felt as if, like cramming a genie back into his bottle, my soul came back to me. My instant reaction was to fling the door open and slide out of my car into the snow, which immediately woke me and brought me to the realization of what happened, and I cried out to myself in anger that I had destroyed a perfectly good car. I immediately reached in and turned the key to kill the engine, just in case. I do not recall what it looked like inside the car, I cannot see any of it in my recollection, but I do remember as I came out of the car the second time seeing strands of my hair stuck in the rubber weather sealing in the door jamb, and finding that odd. I didn’t know what to do, except to go home. So I proceeded up the hill to my home. I was glad nothing hurt, I was scared but that was all. Shambling up the hill in the snow, I recall looking at the snow in the driveway and walk way and thinking. “Yeah, survive a wreck just to face plant on the steps…” I shambled into the door, it must have been like a zombie, because only then did I find out that I was bleeding.

Before you say something to me that will make me angry, like “You were lucky” remember. I don’t believe in luck. I believe in God. Fast forward a couple of days. I’m riding with my sister to get water, and something to eat, and various things. And as we come home, we come home via the same path I had taken before. I had asked her to take me on down to where the wreck happened, we’re a few seconds away, and the attached song begins playing on the radio. I believe in God. I looked off to the left side of the road, where my car had hit the tree. As I had remembered it, I had hit one of several trees. I remembered wrongly. There was one tree standing out in front of the others. And up the road before there, it was clear. Three feet earlier on the swerve, and I would have went on over the hill and down into much more dangerous stuff, I may have not been able to climb out of that hill so easily. Even worse, I could have built momentum and the wreck could have been even worse. Three feet later, and the wreck would have been much more complex, I’d have hit multiple trees and maybe flipped. I believe in God. I believe in Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Eternal God. Now, all that may be great. But those four qualities are of absolutely no value to me, if they apply to a being that does not have a fifth value. Love. God loves me. God loves everyone, yes we all know that. We’ve heard that endlessly. I want you to know that God loves ME, specifically. And he loves you, specifically. Not some just blanket love, half thought like people say “I love potatoes.” Specific, planned, eternal love. Not only does he love you and I now. He loved us before we were ever formed. His influence is eternal, and his plan without flaw. Who knows, a thousand or so years ago. God may have looked forward, to an inexperienced driver, in dangerous circumstances, and he said. “If this tree is not here, there’ll be nothing to stop him from going on over.” Even still, God allowed the ice to abate at just the right moment. A little earlier, or a little later and something more serious would have happened. I fully believe in God. I also believe that “I” caused the accident, lack of skill, lack of forethought, or any number of things. I may have caused the accident, but God caused the miracle.

The common biblical quote applies.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

God allowed the wreck to happen so that he had the opportunity to show his love to me. to show that he cares and protects me, he allows us free will, because without free will there can be no mistakes, without mistakes, there can be no mercy. And without mercy, there can be no real expression of love. I hear you thinking right now. “You say that now, because you got out of it alive, and relatively unhurt.” Let me tell you, even had I had been hurt. I would still believe. I believe because he has protected me till now, and because I believe. I know that even had I died then, I would awaken into glory. Even should I die, and my family mourn, God will turn even that, to good for my family, Because they love God, and are the called, according to his purposes.

Let me tell you, I firmly believe that God placed that tree, in order to protect me from a certainly more painful fate. God has provided another tree, and placed his own Son upon it. To protect you and me from the eternal consequences of our temporal decisions.