The Mix, Episode 1

The Mix, Episode 1 is LIVE for listening, and download!!!

Show Notes:

Will talks briefly about season 10 inside STO, and Galactic Strongholds for TOR! (Initially Will says it out for Preferred Status now, but won’t be available until 9/16.

Great Music, including a request fill for our community leader… And a remembrance for the 9/11 victims

All this week, on the Mix!

Note: We’re still looking to take requests for music, and looking for a co-host as well! just send your requests, and/or desire to join Will in future shows to

SWTOR: Guild Strongholds and Guild Ship

After some discussion it has been suggested that the Light Wielders and Alpha-Omega guilds could create a guild galactic stronghold as opposed to the guild ship. The Guild ship initial cost is 50 million credits where as the guild galactic stronghold initial cost is only 50,000 credits. Cost of a guild galactic stronghold and its expansion is cheaper on Coruscant and Kaas City. This is the link to dulfy that displays charts showing price and cost of expansions for 4 of the planets for Republic and Imperial factions
It should be possible for any member of the guild to make and apply any contributions although the website does not discuss this point and therefore the mechanics are still unclear.
According to the poll on this website there are 5 people who are unsure whether the guild should have a guild ship. Four that prefer to work on their Galactic Strongholds, GSH, and 2 for yes let’s get a galactic guild ship. Judging by the actions of the SWTOR community and guild mates I would say that we are moving in the direction of the Galactic Strongholds although I have heard that some guilds already have both guild ships and guild strongholds. This guild is not that rich but we do have fun and we do have faith. I hope in time that we as a guild can get a guild ship but I do realize its expensive and that it will take an effort by everyone in the guild.
Join Tia and myself this coming Friday August 22nd at 2 pm EDT as we purchase and create whatever expansions we can to the Guild Strongholds. God Bless everyone, Sandman