Dear Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un,

Disclaimer: The opinion of this blog is my own and does not represent the Christian Gaming Community.

Sandman always cringes when I put that disclaimer in because he knows that I am such a rebel. I know that he wrote his blog last week so that everyone could be braced for my blog which is really…I am not pleased with the world blog

Dear Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un,

You have threatened the United States with a nuclear attack. The U.S. now realizes that you have the capabilities to carry out such a threat. I knew it for quite some time now and you are probably stock piling nuclear warheads too but let me tell you what the rest of the world already knows.

The United States is a divided country a country divided by color and ideas with no respect for one or the other. We would rather war with ourselves and our fellow countrymen then that with IS or any other terrorists group that threatens our nation. We have people killing people and killing police. We have police defending themselves and some police officers that are killing others out of fear of their own lives. Then there is a retro culture that says it’s okay to have quiet protest rallies that escalate into riots much like the sixties. This past weekend violence erupted as white supremacist and anti-racist groups collided. Three people died from that violence and more than 19 have been injured.

Many people in the U.S. have highly charged opinions and are willing to voice that opinion loudly and sometime even with violence. Apparently we have not learned anything from our history books in regards to the Civil War as the American people wage war against each other. Racism will divide the country even more so and it will be the good citizens and the Christian body that will be harmed. If left to our own devices in a few decades the United States could very well collapse just by its own internal struggles and the lack of wisdom. Of course this is merely speculation based on this past weekend events. Can we overcome this rising racism in our country? I don’t know.

We use to be at war against terrorism and IS I do not know if this is still true but IS still poses a great threat to a great many people all over the world.

But if North Korea does decide to strike against the United States for whatever reason…be very careful. Historically speaking the United States has always stood up against those that threaten its people and their sovereignty. The people of this country will set aside their differences they will set aside their prejudice they will set aside their anger and stand shoulder to shoulder with their brothers and sisters with their friends and with their neighbors and do what they must to protect this country and its people because we are Americans.

Let me be perfectly clear that I am not suggesting we go to war with anyone. But if some country is foolish enough to attack us we are in a place of great struggle within ourselves and if all those charged feeling come together in a united front…watch out world.

Sandman asked me to add something from the bible in regards to the Christian faith since this is a Christian website. Some scripture that pulls all the things that I have written into one big main point. I spent the whole day trying to find something. This afternoon Sandman gave me this.

The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these. Mark 12:31 ESV



Sad Face Panda


P.S. Thank you Sandman