It’s Just a Game – Right?

For most of us it is.  Many of us are dealing with things more important that help us keep our leisure activities (specifically gaming) in perspective.  The human psyche can only handle so much worry before it snaps and so, as we go through life, we learn to prioritize what is worth getting upset about and what is not.  Others don’t quite have that perspective yet, and we’ve all run into them in-game. But what if it is more … Read More

STO Report: 813/13

Summer Giveaway, Day 2 Today’s giveaway is live and it’s the TOS Command Tunic! Each day this week the the Devs are planning a free item to be picked up in the C-Store and items offered are account wide! To get the command tunic, just log into game, open the C-Store, and click on appearance to pick up the tunic! Offer is only good til 10AM PDT (1pm EDT) when the next day’s giveaway begins!   … Read More

TOR: Release Notes 6/12/13

Game Update 2.2: Operation Nightmare 6/12/2013 Highlights Nightmare Mode is now available for Terror from Beyond! New Vehicle! The Helix Hyperpod is now dropped in Nightmare Mode Terror from Beyond. New Rewards! New items have been added to several Story Mode encounters for the Terror from Beyond and Scum and Villainy Operations. (Additional Details under Operations.) New Feature! Characters in a guild will receive an XP and Reputation bonus based on the number of characters from … Read More

STO : Legacy of Romulus Release Notes

Romulans: Play as a Romulan in a storyline created from the Romulan Republic’s point-of-view. Battle the tyranny of the Tal Shiar and discover the identity of the silent enemy attacking Romulan colonies. Denise Crosby returns to reprise her role as Empress Sela. New missions take you from level 1-40; then join your allies to complete your journey to Vice Admiral. Romulan Republic characters can fly the new Warbird class starships. Reman characters are available for the … Read More

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