Another Weekly Dose of Humor

Leaving Washington D.C. for Richmond, I decided to make a stop at one of those rest areas on the side of the road. I went into the washroom. The first stall was taken so I went to the second stall. I’d just sat down when I heard a voice from the next stall… Hi there, how’s it going?” Now I’m not the type to strike up conversations with strangers in washrooms on the side of the … Read More

Another Weekly Dose of Humor

There is a story about a new clerk in a supermarket. A customer asked him if she could buy half a grapefruit. Not knowing what to do, he excused himself to ask the manager. “Some nut out there wants to buy half a grapefruit…” he began, and, suddenly realizing that the customer had entered the office behind him, continued, ” … and this lovely lady would like to buy the other half.” The manager was impressed … Read More

Weekly Dose of Humor

Mrs Baker wanted to go ice fishing. She had read several books on the subject, and finally, after getting all the necessary equipment together, she made her way out onto the ice. After positioning her comfy stool, she started to make a circular cut in the ice. Frighteningly, from up above, a voice boomed, ‘There are no fish under the ice.’ Startled, Mrs Baker moved farther down the ice, poured herself a large coffee, and began … Read More

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