TOR Report: 9/4/13

Sith_003This week’s TOR Report is all about the release notes, so let’s get started!

 Release Notes



  • New Vehicle! The Desler Nomad is a new rare drop from the final boss of all level 55 Hard Mode Flashpoints.
  • Vendor Update! Emergency Medical Table and Mood: Outraged have been added to the Bounty Supply Company Vendor. Each item is bind on pickup and available for 1 credit to all players, regardless of Bounty Supply Company Reputation rank.


Cartel Market




      • The MR-36 Sniper Rifle is now a Super Rare item.


New Items

**Please note that Cartel Market updates are dynamic. Changes listed in Patch Notes may take effect up to several days after the patch is made available.**

      • Players can now purchase standard single-use White and White Dye Modules individually on the Cartel Market! Cost: 1000 Cartel Coins.
      • Players can now purchase standard single-use Black and Black Dye Modules individually on the Cartel Market! Cost: 2000 Cartel Coins.
      • A new Emote is now available on the Cartel Market! Complete your musical group with the Emote: Sing unlock. Cost: 400 Cartel Coins.
      • A new Emote is now available on the Cartel Market! Watch as a strange force possesses your mind with the Emote: Possessed unlock. Cost: 400 Cartel Coins.


Bug Fixes


    • The Chocolate and Skull-Faced Lobel pets can now be placed on the GTN.




  • Resolved an instance where players could experience a twitchy or swinging camera when moving the mouse.
  • There is now a Warning Dialogue Box when attempting to send in-game mail to an “Unsafe Recipient”. An “Unsafe Recipient” is any character name that is not in the sender’s Guild, Friend List, or Legacy. This warning can be toggled via Preferences.
  • Experience and Valor penalties for Free to Play players now apply beginning at level 20 instead of level 10.

For the full release notes, click here to read more.


Community Cantina Tour Coming To NYC!


The Dev team is looking forward to meeting with it’s players in New York City!!

Venue: Stitch Bar and Lounge

Date: Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Time: 8-11PM EDT

Address: 247 West 37th Street. New York, NY 10018

Space will be limited, so be sure to arrive early! You can RSVP on Facebook here (Facebook RSVP is not required for attendance).


Earn the chance to join Star Wars: The Old Republic developers in a Twitch livestream!


Are you the most powerful guild in the galaxy? Now is the time to prove it with our first ever Galactic Guild Battles! We’re partnered with our friends at to give top Level 55 guilds a chance to live stream exciting PvP gameplay in new 4v4 Player-vs-Player Ranked Warzone Arenas – all live on’s official Twitch channel at!

Sign up by September 8, 2013 and send us a recording of your guild’s best play-through of the new Warzone Arenas on the Public Test Server. If your guild is selected, you will have the chance to partner with the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ development team and to demo the Warzone Arenas in one of the livestream events during September and October!

But that’s not all! All featured participants in the livestream will also earn the rare “Wartime Correspondent” in-game title to proudly display in future battles.

Interested? Visit the Galactic Guild Battles Promotional Page for more details and sign up now!

You can also visit the Game Update 2.4: The Dread War page for more information about the new PvP Warzone Arenas coming in the next Game Update!


That’s all for this week’s TOR Report. Check back soon for more news on a galaxy Far, Far Away!!!


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