CGC Podcasting

After almost 2 years of streaming audio, and due to service costs, the CGC Radio team has decided to make the move to Podcasting as its main format for show distribution. We’re working hard to bring this new format up as soon as possible!

So, What’s A Podcast Anyway?

Well, in short a podcast is an audio file that can be played directly from our blog here, or it can be downloaded to any number of devices that can handle mp3 files, so you can listen to the shows at your leisure. The cool thing is, that there will always be an archive of the shows, right here on the site, so you can go back, and pick them up at any time.

Why Is The Artist Gallery Gone? How Can I Request Music?

We removed the Artist Gallery for the reasons of space, and to streamline the site. However, we’re working on a solution that would give the viewers access to the music library we have, and be able to request songs for future episodes of The Mix.

What Shows Are Coming Back?

Well, The Mix is one for sure that will be back just as soon as humanly possible! If you have ideas for segments inside that show, or have an idea for a show of your own to add to the community, contact Will inside TeamSpeak, or just e-mail

For the shows that we were running like Star Trek: Outpost, Mission Log, and others you were listening to on the streaming server, you can find those shows by clicking here, to get the links for those that you wish to continue listening to.

We’re really interested in growing our own content, so please e-mail us with any suggestions you may have at the address provided above, or catch Will, and/or MeritWolf inside TeamSpeak