TOR: State of The Game

Jeff Hickman, EP of The Old Republic, brings us his next installment on the State of The Game: Hello again everyone! It has been an amazing couple of months since my last State of the Game blog. It feels like a good time to jump in again and give you a brief rundown on how we are doing, what is coming up next, and to tackle some issues head on. Let’s start with some comments about … Read More

Ask Cryptic: December 2012

In this brand-new edition of Ask Cryptic, Executive Producer Dan Stahl delivers answers to player submitted questions. Q: (psycoticvulcan) It’s been a while since we heard from our mutual friend Franklin Drake. What’s Section 31 up to these days? Dstahl: Other than lurking about and testing new recruits, Franklin Drake has been preparing for his appearance in the upcoming 3 Year Anniversary episode.   Q: (captainrevo1) 1) Who is Benedict Cumberbatch playing in Star Trek into … Read More

Carman Shares His Thoughts On Sandy Hook Shooting…

Jase Our Asst. Producer, shared this on facebook, and i wanted to give you all a chance to comment on it here as well…. Given the recent school shooting, This 1992 video with Petra almost seems prophetic now. Unfortunately these horrors will continue unless our nation, as a whole, turns its face back to God and not government for our answers. What do you think the church must do to arise in the midst of this … Read More

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