Release Notes: 8/30/12

Here’s this week’s release notes from PWE_BranFlakes General: The inventory window will now only open when opening the status window, it will no longer return when changing tabs. It is now possible to select the text in mail. The center console in Shanty Town is no longer buried by an excess of sand. Further improved Foundry editor performance. This should make everything work much quicker. While in shooter mode, holding down the left mouse button will … Read More

Wednesday’s Shows: 8/29/12

Mission Log: A Roddenberry Podcast (5pm EDT) Ken Ray and John Champion ask you to “Get ready” for a salty look at Star Trek’s first broadcast episode and your introduction to the last of a dying breed. Enjoy a cast of redshirts before they wore red shirts. Boldly go where so many went on September 8, 1966, the day Star Trek: The Original Series first aired. Have a show you like to listen to, but we … Read More

Monday’s Shows: 8/27/12

Star Trek: Outpost (5pm EDT) Episode 6-Inquisition Questions are asked, but will the truth come out? What’s revealed? Tork, Dr. Winston, and Lt. Exler confront their own challenges while Captain Taldeen continues to hunt for the “truth.” Treks in Sci-Fi (6pm EDT) A look at “The Greatest American Hero” TV series from the 80’s today. Also some geek & Trek topic talk along with the usual fun!!! We hope you enjoy these shows, and if you … Read More

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