Fleet Week Event

On Wednesday, BranFlakes posted a release on the new ‘Fleet Week Event’. Here’s the post: t Week has arrived in Star Trek Online! From now until Thursday, August 23rd, around 10am PDT, players can earn bonus Fleet Marks 24 hours a day! Along with the normal queued and mission-based content that provides Fleet Marks, players can earn Fleet Marks by running a special daily Foundry mission. Starfleet players ranked Lieutenant 9 and above can contact Commander … Read More

Release Notes: 8/16/12

Brandon “BranFlakes” Felczer has released this week’s update notes: Photonic Shockwave was updated to receive the correct bonus from Particle Generators. The Cleanse portion of Hazard Emitters will now properly work on the Target of the power, instead of always applying to Self. Stealth values provided by ground abilities and items will no longer stack their values with one another. This applies to all of the following items and abilities: Ambush Stealth Module Distortion Field, from … Read More

Monday’s Shows: 8/13/12

Star Trek: Outpost (Starts at 5pm EDT) While Captain Taldeen continues his investigation, the loyalties of Chimera’s crew are tested. And when another unexpected visitor comes to DS3, one of the crew learns that greater forces are at play and they are but a pawn in a larger game of…maneuvers and deceptions. Treks In Sci-FI (Immediately following ST:O) Rico is covering the Enterprise episode “Zero Hour” this week with a full commentary. Also a brief review … Read More

Release Notes: 8/10/12

zer0niusrex gave us a total update of the Patch notes for today. Here’s the complete post, and you can link to the original post here. General: Updated bio-neural warhead launchers in No-Win Scenario so that the warheads are not as powerful in the first few waves after they appear. Difficulty does increase rapidly in successive waves. Updated the KDF Officer of the Watch mission Escort Dignitary to Starbase so that the target ship is always interactable. … Read More

Monday’s Schedule

We’re prepping today’s Schedule! Here’s the list for today’s shows! Star Trek: Outpost 5pm EDT Episode 3: No More, No Less As the crew settles back in to the relative safety of Deep Space 3, they discover that Chief Knox has a dark secret…one the could spell the end of his career when an unexpected visitor arrives on the station. Treks In Sci-Fi  6pm EDT This week Rico cover several movie soundtracks from more recent movies … Read More

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