Faster Than Ferengis Counting Latinum

Everyone could use more Dilithium, and we are always looking for new ways to farm some extra. While farming dilithium solo is still going to be painstaking and slow, there is a way to speed up the process with a partner. The key is an understanding of PvP missions. Whether you are a new captain or a Vice Admiral, there is an opportunity to farm a lot of dilithium quickly with the help of 1 other … Read More

Blog #3 or How I spent my Saturdays during Season 3 and 4

Bring back the old STFs. Okay I am not whining just asking…please bring back the old STFs. Actually have two sets of STFs…present and retro. Seriously how many of us veteran players have sat 5 to 6 hours doing the back to back STFs just to get the remaining 3 pieces of the Borg set and only come out with 1 for that day? Raises hand…I did. There were no optional then…only death over and over … Read More

Wednesday’s Shows: 9/26/12

Starting today at 5 pm, Mission log Will be running back to back Episodes! Episode #4 is based on the Classic TOS Episode, Where No One Hss Gone Before, and Episode #5 is based on The Naked Time! Join us again next week when we bring you another set of Back-To Back Episodes of The Mission Log!

Tuesday’s Show’s;9/25/12

Starting At 5pm today, we’re running Episode 150 of the Sci-Fi Diner Podcast! Still releasing info for Shore leave 34, enjoy the show, and their interview, and we’ll see you next week, with a classic interview from their stores with Edward James Olmos from BSG!

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