Star Trek Online (STO) Season 8 Dev Blog #13

Sphere of Influence


Here is a brief discussion by the Devs about “Sphere of Influence” which is already in play under “featured episodes” of your mission log. It’s a great story with a tank carrier called the “Obelisk as one of its reward. However, this is a limited time offer until December 5th. The other rewards of the mission are a 360 degree antiproton beam a really cool warp core and antiproton beam arrays. Therefore, if you do the mission eight times you could outfit the Obelisk or do the mission ten times and outfit a cruiser. Oops, sorry I guess I was thinking and typing out loud again. Minus the tactical console which may or may not drop in price after the release of season 8. Oops, there I go again. Click here  to read the Dev Blog. Just so you know they repeated this blog so that everyone is aware of the limited time offer on the ship.