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Never having written a blog before I decided to lookup the definition of the word “blog” and this is what I found.

Blog: a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also: the contents of such a site.

Ooh…okay. My writing on this website is not the sole content and as set by definition I will not be blogging. I don’t do hyperlinks therefore I will not be blogging. STO Gaming Network will present the most recent and updated information for the STO players so that I will not need to use hyperlinks in my ramblings. This advertisement is brought to you by STO Gaming Network (SGN) and Gerber’s baby food products. Hmm…my apologies I have a tendency to digress let us move along. I will however be writing probably like Jack Kerouac but not nearly as revolutionary as he was. Well actually not at all since he was an alcoholic and I am not. If you have never read Jack Kerouac he was a catalyst of the 1960’s Beat movement. Some have considered his writing as “streaming conscious” in that he wrote what he thought without editing. On one occassion while drinking in a bar he taped 25 pages together and began typing. When asked why he taped 25 pages together he reached for his cigarette and drink and replied “So I don’t have to load the paper in the typewriter 25 times.” Finished his drink inhaled his cigarette deeply and resumed his writing. Fortunate for me I have spell check which allows me to edit as I type. However this makes Jack Kerouac a better writer then me since he used just a typewriter with very little editing or error. *Sigh*…lets just move along shall we.

I belong to a Star Trek Online gaming community that is compromised of 7 different fleets. The community has one central teamspeak and a couple of the fleets have their own teamspeak. These 7 fleets are small compared to the Federation Alliance Fleets but put them in one teamspeak and entertainment runs abound. Our teamspeak dynamics is no different from other fleets teamspeak or ventrilo but in observation almost mimics the dynamics of the people in the game. In the STO game everybody has an opinion and is willing to share it with the whole world. Insert Gerber’s baby products ad here. Some feel their opinion carries more weight and merit then other. Insert Chevy truck advertisement here. Since the game has gone  Free-to-Play in January 2012 we have had an influx of new players. Insert Perfect World Entertainment ad here. In hind sight this was a really good idea. Insert picture of lighted light bulb here. Unfortunately this brought micro transactions into the world  of STO. Turn off light bulb. Unfortunately that is the world we live in and we as humans must adapt to the greed and opinions of others in and out of the game. Regardless we do have the choice to examine or ignore those comments and statements made in game as we do in real life. Myself I choose to ignore most comments made in the game chat. Insert picture of rock here. However a topic will arise that attracts my attention. Insert a picture with an egg wobbling on a fence with a tornado in the background. I try to bring real life sensibility to the zone conversation started by the Gerber’s ad but I am soon brow beaten by the Chevy truck ad. I have to add that the Chevy truck ads usually require some form of domination that starts with statements like “follow me closely here…” or “pay attention to me…”. Out of respect I listen to them and when I state my opinion their rebuttal is “you’re not listening”. This manipulative behavior just irks me too no end and shows a lack of respect to me. So what starts out as a constructive debate turns into a brow beating unless some Be-all-you-can-be ad comes along and supports my statements. Oddly enough this happens on a frequent basis. Pretty soon camps are formed with one light bulb turned on and the other…not so much. I leave it to you the reader to decide where the Chevy truck ad is at.

Okay so teamspeak is nowhere the same as the zone game chat but it was a great intro. Like I said I am no Jack Kerouac and its apparent to me now that I cannot write in the streaming conscious format. However it is possible that I have not ingested enough alcohol to achieve such a writing style. Waiter your finest bottle of grape juice. No just leave it here for a few days with the top off. Yes I am cheap why do you ask? Back to topic…Suffice it to say there are many people in the game that make it fun and exciting and others…not so much…okay maybe not at all. There are ways to control the game chat and that is through your channel tab and remove the checks from those channels you do not wish to see. I like to leave all my chat options open just in case someone starts to Gorn crazy with movie titles involving tribbles. It just Trills me to participate in this kind of dialogue. Laughs manically…clears throat and regains composure. Apologies dear reader I got carried away for a moment there.

Let me conclude by saying that we in the STO community should learn to respect all people in the game. Chevy truck ads and the likes should remember that this is just a game and other peoples opinions counts just as much as your own. I grow weary of the constant barrage of name callings and badgering of others for the sake of personal pride. Which brings about the religious debates that people start just for entertainment purposes. It would appear that people have forgotten that this country’s foundation is based on the freedom of religion. This is where our country’s roots stem from not from the prattling of arrogance. Here is a great verse from the Bible that makes my point.


Honor all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.

1 Peter 2:17 New King James Version (NKJV)


Welcome to the 21st century.

By Sandman


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