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I heard a rumor the other day stating the CBS was considering the possibility of buying Star Trek Online. Upon  hearing of this news I was overwhelmed by the brilliant light of hope. The downpour of canon material would be a wonderful enhancement to the game. I know many of the STO players would be ecstatic if such an transaction did occur. Then I realized that micro transactions might increase as well. As my friend and I talked of this rumor we both agreed that if CBS did buy STO then many things would change for the better and that micro transactions are just part of the future in STO. As we all know CBS holds the rights to all things Star Trek. Perfect World cannot add material to the game unless it is okayed by CBS and most likely with a nominal fee. CBS is making money off of Perfect World Entertainment by selling bits and pieces of the Star Trek material for use in the game and still retaining its rights to those materials. However should CBS buy STO from PWE at the critical time then it would be a profitable venture for Cryptic and CBS as well as the players. I predict if CBS played its cards right bought Star trek Online and developed it in the interest of players and business then STO would become a very popular game as WoW once was. For a moment the future seemed brighter and hopeful. Then my friend wrenched me back to reality and said “It’s still just a rumor.”

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  • If this rumor was to show itself to be true, I have to agree, it would solve a lot of the content issues. But, would CBS be any more responsive to the player base as a whole? Could they actually best PWE in that area? Or, an even better question would be, are they even able to equip themselves for the task they might be choosing to take on?

    Something to think about.

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