Trolls vs Christians

So one of the guild leaders in Star Trek Online was recruiting people for her fleet/guild on Earth Space Dock. Her guild is a Christian guild and so she was recruiting Christians to her fleet. Well things went downhill quickly for her as other people who play the game began to complain that religion should not be brought into the game. Zone chat is very unforgiving on Earth Space Dock and debates about the Christianity from the misinformed is very frustrating and always follows the typical “What I heard about Christianity…” then the individual(s) go on a rambling much about nothing even vaguely resembling a passage or scripture. Then a lengthy debate begins with “Christians are…” and “Religion is…” followed by the “I think…” and the “We should…”. When asked by Christians, maybe two or three will speak up, to cite the scripture the usual remark is “Well that’s what I heard.” Obviously these individuals are judging by what other people say and not reading the bible. These are difficult time for us Christians that face many, unknowingly, adversaries. When these unknowing adversaries are faced with a Christian that sits down and explains the truth most will run seeking cover not knowing what to think. However there is that small percentage that looks at you with amazement and say “What?”. These are people that we to talk with. The others will come in God’s time.