Blog #3 or How I spent my Saturdays during Season 3 and 4

Bring back the old STFs. Okay I am not whining just asking…please bring back the old STFs. Actually have two sets of STFs…present and retro. Seriously how many of us veteran players have sat 5 to 6 hours doing the back to back STFs just to get the remaining 3 pieces of the Borg set and only come out with 1 for that day? Raises hand…I did. There were no optional then…only death over and over again and again.  We would actually plan a day for STFs so that we could prepare to waste a portion of our day in our lives in a game. We would have a pot of coffee made, an essential ingredient to any STF, a bowl of snacks and a sandwich at our desk. We would gather on Teamspeak or Ventrilo or whatever internet chat room the guild was using at the time and just….go….and have fun…dying a lot.

For the retro STFs the reward would be the retro Borg gear just as it was before. Originally I thought this would be the only way to get the Borg set but then realized most of the STO community would collectively groan followed by the rising sound of cackling as if a chicken farm had invaded the server. Then I thought why not? Let the new people experience the retro STFs as we, those that have been here since launch, the veterans have experienced it in all its glory with the same benefits. I  am sure the complaining of the present day STFs will drop dramatically if anyone decided to try the retro STFs.  Although there would  probably be that ultra small portion, .0025%, of the STO community that would go around saying “That wasn’t hard.” Well…we won’t talk about them here.

Then there was Terradome before it got nerfed. It was 5 versus 500. The first statement anyone made was “Why won’t these ships die?” Followed by the “I’ve been watching this group for 5 minutes and none of these guys have flipped a coin yet”. To “Holy cow there’s a lot of Undine in here!” “Don’t shoot the sacks hanging from the ceiling” was a common statement. Followed by the “Who aggro’d the room?” statement. I was playing Terradome with a fleet mate and some others that had formed a team in Gamma Orionis. We had gotten into the end room and started shooting the Sulu’s and the Undine when my fleet mate started screaming “the sky is falling the sky is falling!” While shooting wildly into the hordes of Undine I became confused and said “What?” In a adrenalized caffeinated moment he frantically replied “Look up Undine Rangers!” I looked up to see a hundred Undine drop down from the ceiling. Good times good times.

I propose that the retro STFs be re-vitalized. The present day STFs would be a stepping stone to reach the retro STFs. Why? Simply put you would need the Borg gear to do the retro STFs to get the Borg space gear. Any veteran player will tell you that the Borg space gear is the essential to anyone’s collection of space gear. If Perfect World Entertainment decides that limitations should be imposed in access to the retro STFs then I suggest that the players should complete either the MACO or Omega Team Specialist accolade. Although I hardly think it would be necessary since those who are fortunate to have the Mk XII drops will complete this accolade voluntarily. This of course would mean that the drop rate would have to change and that is another issue that I do not want to get into at this time. I’m still waiting for mine says the little blue guy as he goes forth onto the search for the Mk XII grind. In addition to the Borg space gear I propose that the rewards consist of 2000 dilithium and with 7000 expertise points and  any veteran STF player will tell you that this is not conservative but sub-standard for any of the retro STF missions. Nuff said.

I submit this proposal to Perfect World Entertainment, Cryptic Studios, and the Star Trek Online community to its logical conclusion.

P.S. For the curious few I did not play much STO during Season 2 since it was broken for awhile there.