Star Wars Knights of the Fallen Empire

So with the new Star Wars movie coming out and the community here being big Star Wars fan. I came across this Star Wars the Old Republic  that was debuted for release on October 27th. The E3 trailer had my total attention! I can only hope that the game play itself will look great and be a immersive experience! The game does require you to be a subscriber, if you are not already. The game is also free to subscribers!

Couple key notes about this expansion:

-You Character must be level 60 to play.

-You can create a character to start right off at level 60.

-Your new level 60 cannot go back and do the old story modes.

-BioWare has a tutorial for the new comers at 60 so you will not feel overwhelmed.

-The Level Cap is raised to 65.

-It is a Single Player story line that is also Episodic.

-After the holidays are over BioWare will be releasing new episodes about monthly.


I hope everyone who plays the game enjoys it!