Season 7: Dev Blog # 11

Image courtesy of Star Trek Online

In This week’s newest Dev Blog, we’re getting more information on a new 20 man mission titled Man Trap. Here’s an excerpt from that post:

Mysterious deaths are being reported at the Romulan mining colony in the Hfihar System. The bodies show signs of attack, but there are no energy burns or open wounds. Strange marks have been found on some of the corpses, however, and bodies have been completely drained of sodium. The red rings on its face and neck remind us of a case that involved an extinct creature once found on M-113 that preyed on humanoids for the salt it needed to survive.

We don’t believe that a creature like that would attack a Romulan, though – their blood is copper based and wouldn’t sustain the creature. But if someone used the DNA of the M-113 creature to genetically engineer a similar creature that could be unleashed on a population…

The colony leaders are reporting that these attacks are increasing in number. If we don’t intervene now, there may not be a colony left to save. We’re ordering you to the Hfihar system immediately.

To find out more on this new cross-faction mission, link up with the Dev’s post here.