Season 7 Dev Blog #24


Holiday Greetings from Q


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Blessed Prixin Kot’baval!

Wait – I got that wrong, didn’t I? Your mortal holidays are so confusing. Veneration of trees and candles, sulfur baths, something involving peppermint and socks hung on a fireplace … I find it mystifying why you must wrap so much ritual into a simple celebration!

Still, I believe that it is my gift to bring joy and merriment to my favorite pets. (That would be all of you, by the way.) So out of the continuing goodness of my heart, I have used an infinitesimal amount of my omnipotent power to revamp my winter wonderland and open it up to all of your for another season!

My Winter Wonderland has snow and ice, snowmen who will … amuse you, and new prizes galore. Maybe you’ll even end up with some Frosted Boots, a new weapon or something to liven up that dreary uniform! Or perhaps a new friend – who knows? There’s a lot to celebrate this season, and I even jumped ahead a few days in the timeline to see that my drones (excuse me, the dev team) have some blogs planned for next week that will give you all the details of what’s to come.

Also, my father tells me that you mortals enjoy eating. The whole idea of energy conversion through oral consumption and digestion sounds a little bothersome to me, but if you like it…

So put on your party shoes and get ready to celebrate! The festivities start next Thursday, December 6th, and last until January 14th.

Hugs and kisses,