Borderline Rant about the Congress(or Politicians in General)

Disclaimer: This blog, or rant whichever you prefer, is my own opinion and not the opinion of the Christian Gaming Community.

I have friends that are struggling in the midst of our present day dilemmas. Many are facing eviction all are struggling with paying utility bills and putting food on the table. This pandemic has killed our family members and protecting our family from this virus has disrupted our financial well being…well almost.

There are people, politicians, which are financially well off that they, politicians, are not affected. Meanwhile the people, U.S. citizens, who voted for these people, politicians, into office are struggling to make rent to prevent their, U.S. citizens, family from being evicted and still try to find a mean to put food on the table. What amazes me the most is that these people, politicians, have not passed the second stimulus bill to help those people, U.S. citizens, which voted them, politicians, into office.

A friend of mine once said “We should do a pay cut for all politicians to minimum wage levels.”

That actually makes sense. There is a large salary gap between elected officials, politicians, and most American people that vote. My research showed that the average senator makes 174,000a year. Whereas most Americans average salary is 22,000 to 51,000 a year. Just FYI I have a friend that makes 22,000 a year to support a family of three. Considering that a second stimulus has not been passed it would seem that Congress, politicians, do not understand the gravity of the situation of the American people, voters, as they, voters, face eviction, hunger, and even disease. However if the politicians were in the same the financial struggle as other Americans, voters, I am sure Americans, voters, would be getting a third stimulus check by now.

There are a few options available to the American people, voters, at this point in time.

  • By dropping the wage levels of the elected officials, politicians, it becomes obvious that they, politicians, have to actually get real jobs like every American, voters, has to have in order to make a living and support their, voters, family.
  • The most common idea I hear from other people, voters, is that elected officials, politicians, especially those on the federal level can serve only one term.

Many people face eviction, hunger, and poverty as a result of Covid-19 virus and the effect it has on the people and our economy. The relief bill is a no brainer but there are people, politicians, which have made this a difficult process. Please do not re-elect them, politicians, again.

The one thing that those in congress, politicians, can do right now is to pass just a plain stimulus relief bill without any stipulations to aid the American people…again voters. If these people, politicians, cannot complete a simple act of compassion then the American people, voters, should not re-elect these officials and make change to protect itself from harmful politicians.