MechWarrior Online

Clan BoB

aka Paint Thinners


Clan BOB is a Christian Clan playing MechWarrior Online and is a member of the Christian gaming Community. MechWarrior Online is a Player-Verses-Player or PVP game where everyone drives around in a mech of your choice and shoot other people mech’s. We have nights where we play as a large group which is approximately 5 to 7 people in a group at the moment. We play we die and we learn and we do it again just because we have fun. MechWarrior Online is Free-to-Play however there are some elements that are cosmetics that require real money. If you have ever played the MechWarrior game series you have to try this out. Better yet come in sit down have fun and enjoy the fellowship.


By the way, the name of the clan is “Paint Thinners” because we are so new to the game that the best we can do is take the shine off the paint jobs. So where does BoB come in? We took a line out of Shakespeare and Hollywood but with a Christian reference…“Band of Brothers”.