Welcome to Zion Fleet. Zion Fleet is a fun, casual and family oriented Christian fleet. Most members are Christian but one does not have to be Christian to join. All we ask is that all individuals respect each other and our Christian beliefs. We have Prayer meeting every Sunday followed by a community meeting. We have Discord and all are invited to join just remember this is a Christian server and there are obvious restrictions in place and enforced.

Zion fleet has been in Star Trek Online since launch and has had a long slow growth. As with any fleet we strive to help our members as much as possible in all aspects of the game. We gather on Friday nights to do missions or operations to acquire the much needed marks of various reputations and to help everyone as much as possible.


We have a Klingon fleet called “House of Hugh”. In this case “Hugh” is strangely enough a Klingon word for Christian. We did have another Klingon name of our fleet that required some grunting and spitting so I was very happy to change it to this Klingon version.


Please contact @777sandman for admission into the guild.