e3 2015

Well e3 is here folks, and it’s time to roll out what’s new and upcoming for this year. EA games has announced not 1, but 2 games that will be released later this year, and both are based on the galaxy far, far away. Star Wars: The Old Republic will be getting a new expansion! here’s the trailer: And, Star Wars: Battlefront will be releasing on 11/17! Trailer below: Drool time stars… NOW.

Leonard Nimoy Passes

According to reports from the New York Times and confirmed by his wife, Susan Bay Nimoy and his son Adam; Sci-Fi’s most beloved actor has passed away at 83 from End Stage COPD. Nimoy was not only known for playing the iconic role on Star Trek; but also for his roles in Mission:Impossible, his hosting duties onĀ In Search Of, several plays, poetry, photography, and directorial pursuits (Star Trek 3 and 4, Three Men And A Baby). … Read More

STO Report: 11/17/14

When planning first began for Operation Delta Rising, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers quickly realized that an updated version of the famed Intrepid class would be essential for the mission’s success. Most of the advanced technology used in the Pathfinder was first tested on the U.S.S. Voyager, which was completely updated before it departed for the Delta Quadrant. When Admiral Tuvok was satisfied with the ship’s performance, work could begin to produce Pathfinders for the fleet. … Read More

The Mix, Episode 1

The Mix, Episode 1 is LIVE for listening, and download!!! Show Notes: Will talks briefly about season 10 inside STO, and Galactic Strongholds for TOR! (Initially Will says it out for Preferred Status now, but won’t be available until 9/16. Great Music, including a request fill for our community leader… And a remembrance for the 9/11 victims All this week, on the Mix! Note: We’re still looking to take requests for music, and looking for a … Read More

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