The Elder Scrolls: Legends

This particular card game is fun and it even has the Elder Scrolls lore stuff interwoven into it in short its kinda like Dungeon and Dragons card game style. Bethesda games have it on their game launcher as free download but it does have a play-to-win element to it in that if you want more and better cards you have to buy them…with real money not game currency. I play as a casual player so its … Read More

Star Trek Online Summer Armada Challenge

Star Trek Online Summer Armada Challenge sponsored by the people from Christian Gaming Community Looking for a new challenge in STO? Zion Fleet is hosting a contest from 8-30 August for all captains in our Armada and keep reading, because there are PRIZES! We’re looking for captains who are ready to handle Elite TFOs! If you’re up to the challenge upload a parse and email @ataru#9476 in game or post a screenshot of a parse in … Read More

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