Dear Sandman

I play Star Trek Online and I am a guild leader in a Christian guild called “Zion Fleet”. A few days ago I received an in-game email from one of the members in the guild. Sandman, So, just out of curiosity, is there anything I can help out with the Fleet in STO, other than just level my character up and contribute to the Fleet holdings? Enigma Usually this is a quick answer….have fun.  Later I … Read More

Star Trek Online

I like Star Trek Online and there is a large Christian presence inside the game in a variety of fleets. Its really fun when a bunch of us Christians get together and run a bunch of Special Task Force missions and other end game missions. In our Teamspeak the fellowship is wonderful when we gather together and play. Click on the image below to view.

This is Blogging

I had a blog all written out and ready to post when I noticed that someone had left a comment on the website. This person merely stated that there are “bookmark” services available to help with attracting traffic to our website here. My thought was “that sounds great” and proceeded to the website. The Christian Gaming Community gathers in an internet chat room called Teamspeak. It gives us the ability to gather together and talk with … Read More

Star Wars The Old Republic: Hope

I like Star Wars The Old Republic game and Christian Gaming Community has 2 Christian guilds on the Jedi Covenant server but the cinematic trailers are awesome. Click on the image above or copy and paste the link below to go to the website and the video.

This is not a blog

I feel that I do blog but not really blogging. Here is the Webster’s definition of a blog: a Web site that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site Sometimes I write “Blogs” because certain things have to be said. Since I do not include hyperlinks I am not blogging well at least not so far. Also we, the Christian Gaming Community, usually … Read More

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