Lesson #1

Our world is fraught with many problems and with many good things as well. As Christians there are many things we learn from the bible and there are many things we learn from the world around us. Sometimes we don’t have to look far either. The political arena is festering with all sorts of speculations and soon it will be followed by the mudslinging. This year there is something different in the air though. Donald Trump … Read More

Epic Violinist

I love the arts and recently I decided to include it in the website here because I don’t feel that it, the arts, gets enough exposure to the world. When I saw this guy on youtube I thought wow !!! And just had to share it…enjoy.

No its not Trump

Conversation is always interesting on our teamspeak server. Sometimes it about games, movies or other items that spawn our interest at the time. It’s a Christian server its always…interesting. One evening the topic of politics came up I’m not sure how but it did. So there was some discussion as to who should be the political leaders of our country and who should not and then somebody said something that made sense to all of us. … Read More

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