Star Trek Online (STO) Season 8 Blog 12

Just when I thought it was not possible Cryptic throws in the kitchen sink. Season 8 will come with a revamped reputation system as well as a new reputation system called the Dyson Joint Command. The DJC has a sponsorship token that will help accelerate other character reputation systems. In addition, there are some great passives from the DJC system for both ground and space. Click here  to read the dev blog.

STO Report: Dev Blog 8 of Season 8

The Dyson Sphere Adventure Zone sounds to be the equivalent of a Special Task Force mission or STF. The area is divided into three sections Allied, Contested and Voth.  Here teams pit themselves against the Voth for small parcels of land. There will be new rewards, accolades, and new Duty officer missions for each zone. Sounds like the perfect playground for us ground pounders. Click here to read the dev blog.

STO Report: Dev Blog 7 of Season 8

In Blog 7 of Season 8 Jeff “AdjudicatorHawk” Hamilton, tells us about the Voth ships that STO community will be facing including a Voth Dreadnaught. Fortunately, for the STO community the Voth ships will not have the same effect as the television series i.e. the ability to incapacitate a ship. However, the old adage “Size does matter” is the first thing that comes to mind, as the hugeness of the Voth ships is the most notable … Read More

STO Report: Dev Blog 6 of Season 8

In Blog 6 for season 8 Jeff “AdjudicatorHawk” Hamilton talks about the arrival of a new enemy known as the “Voth” from Star Trek: Voyager “Distant Origin”. The Voth will contain at least four different ground classes as well as three ground armored war pets and two ground MechWarrior type assault vehicles. Ground pounders get ready it looks like season 8 will be exciting. Click  to read this blog. 3D glasses recommended…just kidding.

E.T. Lives?! or What I saw last night on T.V.

I am somewhat distraught at the current scientific community. I was watching a television station that I that I thought would incorporate some kind of scientific empirical integrity. Unfortunately, I saw speculations and left field interpretations of aliens visiting earth and that present modern day humankind are hybrids of ET. In the phrase of our youth “Say what?!” At least one would think this would be the reaction but surprisingly enough the reaction is the complete … Read More

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