New KHS Release

I have come to enjoy and admire the talented young performers on KHS. I believe in promoting the performing arts and the talented artists within it. When it came time to choose this weeks video I found myself in a difficult position. Put up something up beat and new or one slightly older but also very good. This video was published on youtube 11/20/2015…as always…enjoy.

New Kyle Hanagami video

We had a really cool video up earlier today but found a language issue inside of it so we had to take it down. I found this up beat video of Kyle Hanagami dance choreography that just came out one week ago. Very dynamic and energetic with great choreography…as always ….enjoy.

Piano Guys = Awesome

We at the Christian Gaming Community (CGC) are not your typical community or gaming website. Our website is not static but rather changes weekly where we promote not only our faith but the creative endeavors of human kind. I like to promote performing artists because of their talents and creativity. The Piano Guys are those performing artists that I have come to admire…enjoy  

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