No its not Trump

Conversation is always interesting on our teamspeak server. Sometimes it about games, movies or other items that spawn our interest at the time. It’s a Christian server its always…interesting. One evening the topic of politics came up I’m not sure how but it did. So there was some discussion as to who should be the political leaders of our country and who should not and then somebody said something that made sense to all of us. … Read More

In Observation…

The 21st century is no different from the previous centuries the only difference is that the 21st century has higher technology. Our guns can kill men, women, and children more effectively. We have drone aircrafts that can eliminate entire families. We have missiles that can be launched 5000 miles away and kill entire cities and regions. Some world leaders are feeling nostalgic and resurrecting the Cold War of the 60’s by pressing their military might at … Read More

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