SWTOR: Guild Strongholds and Guild Ship

After some discussion it has been suggested that the Light Wielders and Alpha-Omega guilds could create a guild galactic stronghold as opposed to the guild ship. The Guild ship initial cost is 50 million credits where as the guild galactic stronghold initial cost is only 50,000 credits. Cost of a guild galactic stronghold and its expansion is cheaper on Coruscant and Kaas City. This is the link to dulfy that displays charts showing price and cost … Read More

Gray I’m Thinking Gray or a Baby Blue

     I was watching T.V. one day about aliens having visited earth during prehistoric times as indicated by the prehistoric paintings in caves that Cro-Magnon man have left behind. There are many people who are quite firm in this belief and cite many examples.      Submitted for your examination you come home from work and kiss your loving wife as you head towards the bedroom to get into comfortable clothes. As you pass your son’s room … Read More

The Muppet Show vs Game Chat

The STO game chat or any other MMO game chat can be much like the Muppet show. You have a few thousand people from a variety of global locations with a greater range of values associated with those locations which yields many a diverse thoughts. I always thought kiwi was fruit I did not know that they were people too. So confusing. What’s really disturbing is how people in the STO game can be so much … Read More

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