The Mix Podcast: Episode Zero

Today it begins!!! The Mix moves to podcasting as we prepare to sunset the streaming audio server on the 18th. Will explains more inside this short episode, and we look forward to bringing you more in the near future!!! For those of you who’ve been listening to the different podcast shows, here’s the links to find them to continue listening: Star Trek Outpost: Treks in Sci-Fi Mission Log: Sci-Fi Diner: Priority One … Read More

Playlists Back In Full Swing!

Greetings Folks!!! CGC Radio is happy to announce, that after our “Upgrade” to the software that controls the streaming server, we’ve managed to get the playlists straightened back out (mostly) and starting on 5/26, all new episodes will be running for each night at 9pm EST, with a special surprise for the community starting on Wednesday 5/28!!! so make sure you tune in, to find out what that surprise is! Thanks for being patient, and welcome … Read More

Time To Revamp…

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but CGC Radio needs a revamp. Apparently, there was an update to the software that controls the server, and all of our playlists were wiped out, and everything has been dumped into the main playlists on the Auto DJ… While I’m slightly upset over this, the revamp was going to happen either way, so now is as good a time as any. So, starting Monday we’ll be going in … Read More

TOR Report: 2/19/14

Welcome back to the TOR Report! Have we got some news for you!!! Let’s get started! Starfighter Screenshots Wanted! The Devs are looking for your best Screenshots of your Starfighter! Starting 2/23 at 11:59PM PST through 2/24 7:59 GMT you can send your screenshots in via e-mail to SUBMISSIONS_EN@SWTOR.COM using the following rules: Screenshots should not be retouched or enhanced Screenshots must solely utilize in-game environments and objects Screenshots must be at least 800×600 We recommend … Read More

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