For the Month of October

Last night Cergie and I looked at some wallpapers for October’s picture. I showed her the Believers4Ever website and she almost immediately gravitated to this image. I was going to put it in the “Home” page when I realized that the Holy Spirit was guiding Cergie to guide me so being the Christian that I am I posted it and its message as our front page image for the month of October. Many thanks and love … Read More

This Month

I actually look forward to changing the pictures here every month. It’s my way of showing off all the things that God has created through the talents of many photographers. This month splash picture I found by myself without Cergie’s help and its actually pretty too. Check out the “Home” page when you have a chance as well. God bless all that our visit our website.

August Pictures

Lately Cergie has been helping me a lot with images and music for the website so I can blame her for some of the things that our followers do not like…lol…but honestly we have fun doing it.  I have changed the splash page to a picture of Caddo Lake Texas which just happens to be in Cergie’s backyard also check out the “Home” page when you have a chance…it’s cute.

News & Notes 6/16/17

Welcome to the CGC’s News and Notes! Let’s Get Started! Star Wars Battlefront 2 Leads The Charge For EA At E3 Battlefront 2 is one of the most anticipated games of the year according to several game media outlets, and without exception, several members here of the community (this author included) is waiting with baited breath for the release. Most of the concerns with it’s predecessor were the Non-including of a single player storyline into the … Read More

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