Blog #3 or How I spent my Saturdays during Season 3 and 4

Bring back the old STFs. Okay I am not whining just asking…please bring back the old STFs. Actually have two sets of STFs…present and retro. Seriously how many of us veteran players have sat 5 to 6 hours doing the back to back STFs just to get the remaining 3 pieces of the Borg set and only come out with 1 for that day? Raises hand…I did. There were no optional then…only death over and over … Read More

Blog #2

I heard a rumor the other day stating the CBS was considering the possibility of buying Star Trek Online. UponĀ  hearing of this news I was overwhelmed by the brilliant light of hope. The downpour of canon material would be a wonderful enhancement to the game. I know many of the STO players would be ecstatic if such an transaction did occur. Then I realized that micro transactions might increase as well. As my friend and … Read More

Blog #1

  Never having written a blog before I decided to lookup the definition of the word “blog” and this is what I found. Blog: a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also: the contents of such a site. Ooh…okay. My writing on this website is not the sole content and as set by definition I will not be blogging. I don’t do hyperlinks therefore … Read More

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