E.T. Lives?! or What I saw last night on T.V.

I am somewhat distraught at the current scientific community. I was watching a television station that I that I thought would incorporate some kind of scientific empirical integrity. Unfortunately, I saw speculations and left field interpretations of aliens visiting earth and that present modern day humankind are hybrids of ET. In the phrase of our youth “Say what?!” At least one would think this would be the reaction but surprisingly enough the reaction is the complete … Read More

CGC Radio Joins The Community Webspace!

Thanks to the efforts of our Community leader, CGC Radio now joins the community webspace! We’re thrilled to be here, and will bring you all of our past posts from our old blog, as well as all the current information on STO, TOR, and hopefully soon all the games that are enjoyed by the community members! We’re also glad to be bringing you all a player that can be used directly from the blog to connect … Read More

Podcast Shows Are Back On Schedule!

As of this posting, all podcast shows, including the Sunday Morning Worship are now live for our listeners!!! We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope that you all will enjoy what’s coming this week! Also, we’re sad to report that we will no longer be carrying Old Republic Radio due to no recent postings of episodes from them, However, fear not! TOROcast, the longest running TOR podcast out there will be taking the place of ORR, … Read More

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