SWTOR: Guild Strongholds and Guild Ship

After some discussion it has been suggested that the Light Wielders and Alpha-Omega guilds could create a guild galactic stronghold as opposed to the guild ship. The Guild ship initial cost is 50 million credits where as the guild galactic stronghold initial cost is only 50,000 credits. Cost of a guild galactic stronghold and its expansion is cheaper on Coruscant and Kaas City. This is the link to dulfy that displays charts showing price and cost … Read More

In the Valley of the Shadow

I was reading through Judges chapter 7 the other day and noticed a curious detail.  A detail I had read past many times before; a detail that seems almost insignificant.  If you recall, this is the story of Gideon.  In chapter 7 Gideon has gathered his army and they are looking down at the sprawling Midianite army.  God tells him to whittle his group down and in doing so Gideon ends up with only 300 men.  That night … Read More

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