The Trek Series That Should Be A Movie Is…

By Staff October 21, 2012 invited fans to answer the question, “Which series would make the best feature-length movie?” and thousands of you took the time to reply. The competition was surprisingly fierce, but Voyager prevailed with 43% of the vote, topping the 39% tallied by Deep Space Nine. Lagging way behind was Enterprise, which mustered only 18%.  Voyager – (43%) Deep Space Nine – (39%) Enterprise – (18%) So, did your show finish … Read More

Old Republic Radio Joins The line-up!

Starting Next Saturday at 5pm EDT here on CGC Radio, we’re adding the Old Republic Radio Broadcast to our schedule! Formed as the brainchild of Eric “Ivan” Marquardt,  ORR is the most current news source of TOR out on the tubes, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring you this show as we expand our base to cover more of what the CGC is playing! So tune in Next Saturday, and let us know what … Read More

New Look, New Material!

With the advent of Star Wars: The Old Republic moving to Free to play this fall, and more of the Christian Gaming Community not only playing Star Trek Online, but Battlefield 3,Call of Duty, and other games as well, we’ve decided to change the name to CGC Radio to better reflect the gaming ties of the community as a whole to the players, as well as the listening audience. We’ll be adding in new content as … Read More

‘Star Trek’ fusion impulse engine in the works

  ‘Star Trek’ fusion impulse engine in the works It’s not quite warp drive, but researchers are hot on the trail of building nuclear fusion impulse engines, complete with real-life dilithium crystals.   by Amanda Kooser October 2, 2012 10:40 AM PDT   Graduate student Ross Cortez assembles a device for propulsion research.(Credit: University of Alabama-Huntsville ) There’s a hierarchy of “Star Trek” inventions we would like to see become reality. We already have voice-controlled computers … Read More

Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties the Streaming server was completely reset, and we’ve lost all the playlists for the scheduled podcast shows on the server. However, we endeavour to have them back up for next week. Don’t panic! We will return to normal! (If you can CALL us normal… hahaha) God Bless you all.

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