Wednesday’s Shows: 9/26/12

Starting today at 5 pm, Mission log Will be running back to back Episodes! Episode #4 is based on the Classic TOS Episode, Where No One Hss Gone Before, and Episode #5 is based on The Naked Time! Join us again next week when we bring you another set of Back-To Back Episodes of The Mission Log!

Tuesday’s Show’s;9/25/12

Starting At 5pm today, we’re running Episode 150 of the Sci-Fi Diner Podcast! Still releasing info for Shore leave 34, enjoy the show, and their interview, and we’ll see you next week, with a classic interview from their stores with Edward James Olmos from BSG!

Blog #2

I heard a rumor the other day stating the CBS was considering the possibility of buying Star Trek Online. UponĀ  hearing of this news I was overwhelmed by the brilliant light of hope. The downpour of canon material would be a wonderful enhancement to the game. I know many of the STO players would be ecstatic if such an transaction did occur. Then I realized that micro transactions might increase as well. As my friend and … Read More

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