Tuesday’s Show’s: 8/28/12

The Sci-Fi Diner Podcast (5pm EDT) This Week, we bring you part 2 of episode 148, an interview with LeVar Burton, Best known as Geordi LaForge from TNG, and as Kunta Kente from Roots as well as the host for the long running PBS Series Reading Rainbow We hope you enjoy the interview!

Monday’s Shows: 8/27/12

Star Trek: Outpost (5pm EDT) Episode 6-Inquisition Questions are asked, but will the truth come out? What’s revealed? Tork, Dr. Winston, and Lt. Exler confront their own challenges while Captain Taldeen continues to hunt for the “truth.” Treks in Sci-Fi (6pm EDT) A look at “The Greatest American Hero” TV series from the 80’s today. Also some geek & Trek topic talk along with the usual fun!!! We hope you enjoy these shows, and if you … Read More

Romulan Colony Concept Art

The image above was released to the Screenshots Gallery on Friday of this week. As the title states, is concept art of a Romulan Colony that will be introduced in Season 7. Does this mean we’ll be seeing the Romulans in a more…central role? What do you think?

Monday’s Shows: 8/13/12

Star Trek: Outpost (Starts at 5pm EDT) While Captain Taldeen continues his investigation, the loyalties of Chimera’s crew are tested. And when another unexpected visitor comes to DS3, one of the crew learns that greater forces are at play and they are but a pawn in a larger game of…maneuvers and deceptions. Treks In Sci-FI (Immediately following ST:O) Rico is covering the Enterprise episode “Zero Hour” this week with a full commentary. Also a brief review … Read More

Monday’s Schedule

We’re prepping today’s Schedule! Here’s the list for today’s shows! Star Trek: Outpost 5pm EDT Episode 3: No More, No Less As the crew settles back in to the relative safety of Deep Space 3, they discover that Chief Knox has a dark secret…one the could spell the end of his career when an unexpected visitor arrives on the station. Treks In Sci-Fi  6pm EDT This week Rico cover several movie soundtracks from more recent movies … Read More

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