STO Report: S8.5, Dev Blog #51-Romulan Advanced Dyson Science Destroyers

Phil “Gorngonzolla” Zeleski returns once again to give us the info on the C-Store Romulan Dyson Ships to be released on 2/20!   The Dyson Science Destroyers manufactured by the Romulan Republic have lower shield modifiers than the Starfleet variants and less hull than the Klingon Defense Force’s variants, but they make up for this with a built in Romulan Battle Cloaking Device. Below are the base stats shared by all three variants of the Romulan … Read More

STO Report: Dev Blog #50-Klingon Advanced Dyson Science Destroyers

Phil “Gorngonzolla” Zeleski Brings us details on the new Klingon Advanced Dyson Science Destroyers that will be released to the C-Store on 2/20   The Dyson Joint Command’s engineering and scientific efforts within the Solanae Dyson Sphere have yielded incredible results. Klingon Defense Force engineers have been able to adapt the astonishing discoveries found at this artificial celestial structure to create starships that are inspired by the designs found at the sphere, but do not require … Read More

STO Report: Dev Blog #49-New Ship Materials

Ian “JamJamz” Richards, Ship Artist for STO has released information on new ship materials to be coming soon for Klingon, ans Fed ships! With the release of the Mogh Class Battle Cruiser we introduced a new ship material. This material was originally going to be unique to the Mogh, but we decided the various Klingon Refits and special ships needed some additional customization options, and this new material was a perfect solution to that. It is … Read More

STO Report:Dev Blog 48-Dyson Project #7

Charles Gray brings us the latest details on the newest Dyson Project! Our next special featured project for the Fleet Spire is “Seat of Command.” Dyson Joint Command has fought countless battles to maintain control over many Spires in the Solanae Dyson Sphere. Now, they have granted access to the Command Rooms of these massive structures to better allow their allied forces the facilities they require to maintain a watchful eye over the Spire. Completing this … Read More

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