I haven’t gotten a chance to play this series yet, but I have some friends that are pretty thrilled about playing this newer edition. If you like Sci-Fi space military turn based strategy games, I would suggest giving it a look into! God Bless!


I came across this on the interwebs and it caught my eye and felt that it would be a great share. I have never personally played these games, though I have heard great things about them. Since it comes out this year i think I might give it a try! Maybe this can bring back veteran players or newbs like me! I hope you enjoy this one! God Bless!

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

So I know Star Wars The Force Unleashed has been out a couple months now, buttttt. I wanted to make a post on the LEGO game franchise take on it. Lego usually makes quite funny puzzles games of some of our great nerdy franchises, and I think this will be another great addition! So enjoy!   God Bless!

Far Cry Primal

So with the new release on a new installment to the Far Cry franchise coming soon, I figured this would be a good post. Far Cry is a personal favorite series of mine, with it’s great story conception and graphics. In this new game they take a new turn and go allll the way back to the savage cavemen times. How will you fight?! Berserk rage into the enemy? Stealthy sneaking into their camps and getting … Read More

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