Star Wars Knights of the Fallen Empire

So with the new Star Wars movie coming out and the community here being big Star Wars fan. I came across this Star Wars the Old Republic¬† that was debuted for release on October 27th. The E3 trailer had my total attention! I can only hope that the game play itself will look great and be a immersive experience! The game does require you to be a subscriber, if you are not already. The game is … Read More

Star Citizen

I play Stars Wars The Old Republic and Star Trek Online and the players in those games are excited. The game chat window is filled with people who are excited to play Star Citizen and even though this game is still in Alpha/Beta many contributors are already playing the game and with great enthusiasm. For those Christians wanting to play Star Citizen and join a Christian guild go see the Seraphim Regiment. They are part of … Read More

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