A Righteous People Part 2

I am not a man who says ‘look, there is the Antichrist’ but one thing I do know about the Antichrist. He will not be a man who pretends to be good, and secretly does evil. He will be a man who openly does evil, and people cheer for it, because THEY are evil. He will be a man who speaks the evil in men’s hearts, and smiles, and shrugs, and makes it seem okay. And … Read More

A Righteous People Part One

Today I heard Trump’s ignorance talking about waterboarding, and doing ‘even worse’. I witnessed Americans cheering for torture… What in the name of Holiness has happened to America where we have people who will cheer to torture people? Saddest thing is, these people were probably the same people who thought they had the moral high ground on the rioters last year. Maybe even these people prayed for America when the Supreme Court slapped God in the … Read More

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