In the Valley of the Shadow

I was reading through Judges chapter 7 the other day and noticed a curious detail.  A detail I had read past many times before; a detail that seems almost insignificant.  If you recall, this is the story of Gideon.  In chapter 7 Gideon has gathered his army and they are looking down at the sprawling Midianite army.  God tells him to whittle his group down and in doing so Gideon ends up with only 300 men.  That night … Read More

Just a Boring Blog Post

This week or the next our Friday Bible study (9 pm eastern on TeamSpeak) will shift its attention from Genesis to Exodus.  We won’t be spending near as much time in Exodus (or the rest of the Pentateuch for that matter) as we did in Genesis.  I thought with this post I would go ahead and outline the general direction of the study: While there are many ways to approach and outline any book of the … Read More

The Muppet Show vs Game Chat

The STO game chat or any other MMO game chat can be much like the Muppet show. You have a few thousand people from a variety of global locations with a greater range of values associated with those locations which yields many a diverse thoughts. I always thought kiwi was fruit I did not know that they were people too. So confusing. What’s really disturbing is how people in the STO game can be so much … Read More

The Gift of You

Psalm 139:14a I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Notice that word “wonderfully”. It comes from the Hebrew Pala, which means: to distinguish – put a difference, show marvelous, separate, set apart, sever, make wonderfully. Now notice the defining words: distinguish, put a difference, separate, set apart. In other words, you are unique. But not unique in a ‘not as good’, ‘less than others’ or some other negative way. God didn’t make … Read More

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