It’s Just a Game – Right?

For most of us it is.  Many of us are dealing with things more important that help us keep our leisure activities (specifically gaming) in perspective.  The human psyche can only handle so much worry before it snaps and so, as we go through life, we learn to prioritize what is worth getting upset about and what is not.  Others don’t quite have that perspective yet, and we’ve all run into them in-game. But what if it is more … Read More

The Greatest Gift

For a year now I have been taking care of your dad. Your dad and I have talked and laughed at great many things. We have prayed together and talked of God and of God’s love and wisdom. I may not know your dad well but I truly believe that these are the words he would speak to you on this Mother’s Day. My Dearest Aileen, I love you so much and I am proud of … Read More


Jesus taught us many important things in different ways; in both word and deed.  Even actions that don’t seem significant to us today, would have spoken volumes to his contemporaries.  Including how he chose his disciples.  Much of renaissance art has given us the image of a young to middle-aged Jesus surrounded by older, grey-bearded disciples.  Nope, forget that.  And we, of course, look to these twelve as the Christian superstars.  If only we could be … Read More

Carman Shares His Thoughts On Sandy Hook Shooting…

Jase Our Asst. Producer, shared this on facebook, and i wanted to give you all a chance to comment on it here as well…. Given the recent school shooting, This 1992 video with Petra almost seems prophetic now. Unfortunately these horrors will continue unless our nation, as a whole, turns its face back to God and not government for our answers. What do you think the church must do to arise in the midst of this … Read More

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